• Marina Kienast

    Food writer

    Born in Brazil by a Hungarian mother and a Swiss father, her parents inculcated her culinary passion at an early age. After having traveled the world as a fashion model, currently Marina devotes to her two passions: Gastronomy and literature.

  • Agathe Altwegg


    Agathe is a graphic designer and illustrator. She illustrated our book Le Petit Questionneur and Pictolingua II. She was born in Annecy. She studied and lives in the UK.

  • Diccon Bewes


    Diccon is a travel writer originary from the south-east of England. Since moving to Bern, he spent a lot of time battling German grammar and traveling across the country to get inspiration and write.

  • Valérie Bovay

    Valérie Bovay

    Valérie is a Swiss graphic designer. She graduated from ECAL in 2010. She illustrated our best-selling book Contre-Sagesses Suisses.

  • Malcolm Braff


    Malcolm is a jazz pianist and a passionate developer of board games. He was a co-designer of our Helvetiq game.

  • Bruno Cathala


    Bruno is a succesful game author. He has authored Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde, Dice Town and of course our Helvetiq.

  • Catherine Fattebert


    Catherine is a radio host at RTS la Première and a passionate cook since an early age. Her book Cuisine avec Vue presents a choice of delicious dishes that were tested and praised by friends.

  • Karen Ichters


    Karen has designed for us in different projects since 2008. She works and lives in Lausanne. When her fingers aren't covered with ink and her eyes not starring at a screen, she has her head up in the sky and her hands in the dirt.

  • Denis Kormann


    Denis is an illustrator who works mostly for french-Swiss media outlets. He illustrated two books: Lausanne Jardins d’Images and our very own Cuisine avec Vue - both were best-sellers.

  • Sébastien Pauchon


    Sébastien is an author and publisher of board games. He never leaves his house without his sketchbook, because a good game idea is sometimes around the corner.

  • Nathalie Rais


    Nathalie is a graphic designer, illustrator and an all-aroudn taltented creative. She illustrated our game Cantuun.

  • Monika Saxer


    Monika Saxer is a hinking guide for the Swiss Alpine Club and beer lover. It's in order to taste the local beers that she designs hikes published in Randos BIère en Suisse.

  • Ajsa Zdravkovic


    Ajsa was born in London. She studies art and illustrations at the HEAD school in Geneva. During her intership at Helvetiq she created our Swiss Playing Cards.



    Norette is a journalist-slash-writer. In love with words, she believes that playing and learning are not that different! She contributed to MusicIQ and Something Else Instead among others.