At Helvetiq, we publish games for kids, families and adults in print and digital formats. We like to publish titles that catch attention and make people smile. Ones that inspire them and make them see the unknown in the familiar.

Our story began in 2008 with a game about Switzerland. The idea was to test people’s knowledge of the country in a way that was both instructive and fun. The 3000 copies we saved every penny to make sold within a month. It was beyond expectations! We realized that people were passionate to learn about their country, their city and about anything of interest as long as it is made fun and accessible. Our first game sold ten times more than the benchmark for a successful title in our home country.

Success is inspiring, and so we continued to create in Switzerland: Pictolingua - Fun with Words and Languages, Cantuun - geography made party game, puzzles to explore cities without GPS. Outside of Switzerland, we published a best-selling game about Belgium in 2012. In late 2013, we partnered with San Francisco-based Chronicle Books to publish NYCIQ and LondonIQ.

Our games in matchboxes launched in 2014 in France and Germany and this family of games keeps growing now.